Co-Admins tasks

Create BBC game - Report in Pth Forum

If you are experienced with BBC Admin procedure and if you have permission for bbcbot and you are able to open a bbc table with correct settings ... and of course, if you agree to do the job :)

1. open the game around 19:20 (=10 minutes before game-start) with BBC settings (cf : How to store them / or use bbcbot).
2. invite registered players with the Step1/2/3/4 list.
If players are missing at 19:30 (=game-start time), invite substitutes - players of your choice. If Step >1 make sure that substitutes do have a ticket (use bbcbot to suggest players for step)
(restriction: players with very bad stats or/and behavior).
3. if a player is missing (disconnect) at the very beginning of the game, please ask all players to leave the game and RESTART
Only BBC games with 10 players are valid.
4. stay until the end of the game, post the url of the logfile in the lobby or/and BBC chatbox and report in PokerTH forum.
5. if you have been disconnected, your logfile analysis is incomplete, then you have to ask for log-link from finalist players.

When the game's result is input by the admin in BBC database, you could get the BBcode for "forum standard presentation" with this link:
e.g. :
... for higher steps adjust the s= parameter.

Next steps - if you want to become an admin - would be : upload log-link and input in BBCdatabase
In any case, please keep the log(file) for a minimum of 7 days in your pokerth client - if needed for any kind of correction.

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