Admin Manual


	1.1 general remarks:

	Description and Settings of BBC games you can find here:

	Only active admins are allowed to open BBC games, invite players and report a game:

	To check, whether S1 registered players also have an S2 ticket, go on:

	Co-Admins can help if asked by admin to do so.

	1.2 Usual Procedure:

		1.Open the game latest 5 minutes before game starts with bbcbot command or via stored settings. 
		(How to store them  )
		2.Invite registered players from list.
		3.If players are missing after official game start time, admin may decide to wait a few minutes before inviting substitutes(subs), then players of 
		 your choice from lobby.
		A good direction for waiting can be (but in the end it's game admin decision - e.g. if a player asks for longer waiting time and players do agree): 
		- Step 1/2 : 2 - max 5 minutes
		- Step 3/4 : 5 - max 10 minutes
		-bbcbot commands will help: 
		-try to not invite players with very bad stats or behavior
		If a player get's lost at the very beginning of the game, please ask all players 
		to leave (make sure all left) the game and RESTART. 
		4.Only BBC games with 10 players are valid (exception: S4 games, which can start 
		  with 9 players if 10 were registered).
		5.For Co-Admins: Stay until the end of the game, post the url of the logfile in 
		  BBC chatbox with start time and step nr.
		6.If you have been disconnected, your logfile will be incomplete. 
		  In this case you have to ask other players (after reconnection) to deliver the 
		  loglink (best: finalist players)
		  or stay in lobby until the end of the game, and IMMEDIATELY demand them to 
		  provide the log link .
	  How to obtain a loglink:
	  short screencast for how to obtain a log-link
	  Example of a log link:

	  info: logs will be deleted after 15 hrs from server.


	short screencast for new introduced admins:

2.1 For standard upload:
		Use "Log-Link only upload (!)"
		Copy paste liglink url, select right game step and click on "upload files" button.
		On next page: 
		enter game start date and time (use only round times even if real start time may 
		differ a little),check whether players names and order are correct,
		if players were registered and didnt provide a valid (30 min prior) deregistration 
		in BBC chat:
		enter names of those missed players (only S2 upwards), and click on upload.
		On next page: get and copy BBcode 
		and create new post in appropriate category by pasting the BBcode.
		Go back to BBC page, select "results" from menue, and check whether the game was 
		reported properly.
		Check "tickets changelog" whether the inputs are correct.
	2.2 Alternative upload:		
	  If a game consisted of less than 10 players, you have to input a game with
	  "Input without logfile"
	  Copy paste nicks from logfile and add 0 as player10
	  Ignore the nxt error alert and go on.

    important: if an error occurs, and you dont understand why, please post an info with game nr, 
	       start time and error message. You should also check the results and look after the 
	       reported game.
	       if a game was reported with wrong time/step/missing players, ask sp0ck for 
	       correction in BBC chat		
	info: With this link, you can get the BBcode of BBC games (X=step nr, Y=game nr)

	3.1 Cases in which players lose ticket:
		A player loses a ticket if not de-regged, not left a note in sb (latest 30 min before game starts) and did not show up for a game (Step2,3,4)
		that REALLY took place! Being in Lobby and declining a game that takes place will lose a ticket too.
    ... an exception are games > S2 that cannot take place only because of missing registered players. S3/S4 are special - admin can demand a ticket loss then.

	4.1 We expect from all admins kind behavior, relevance and objectivity in their posts and decisions.
	4.2 Personal aversions have to be deferred, and have to play no role in the decisions.
	4.3 Inputs made in DB/tickets by s-admins cannot be arbitrarily changed by other s-admins
		but only by the s-admin himself, by other s-admin on request or by BBC host.
	4.4 BBC is meant to be played with one nickname only per person. Disrespecting this might end in a playerban.

5. Possible cases of non-compliance or violation of the rules "Admins Manual" have to be reported to
   BBC-host (sp0ck) and will be examined by him.

6. Poll votes and playing with multiple accounts from same IP/PC/Computer is not tolerated and might lead to deleting accounts, ticket removal or other appropriate actions.
	6.1. If you share Internet with another player, please inform about possible same IP registration/playing/voting in BBC Shoutbox.

7. If you are admin, please login and always post as admin in shoutbox and do not abuse shoutbox ("anonymously") for trolling and spamming.

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